The spy photographers from Brenda Priddy & Co. grabbed these winter testing shots of the much-anticipated Hummer H3T CrewCab. Although the original concept was a shortbed pickup with just two doors, economic decisions made the four-door H3 variant more affordable to produce, Priddy says.

"The shortbed, which can almost be described as 'cute,' will offer a cargo area roughly 4 feet x 4½ feet," Priddy says. She adds that a hard tonneau cover will be available as an option, as will several choices of lockable cargo boxes.

The H3T’s optional cargo boxes are expected to include a small lunchbox/toolbox with the ability to easily lift off and take to your worksite. Other boxes are likely to include cargo boxes spanning the length or width of the bed. Engine options will include the new 5.3L, 295-plus horsepower V8 as first shown in the H3 Alpha, as well a 3.7L 242 hp inline five-cylinder. 

The Shreveport-built H3T will start production in August and arrive in the third or fourth quarter as a 2009 model. Hummer plans to build about 35,000 units annually.