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Sometime this year BMW is expected to release the 2009 7-Series, and it's likely to look like the illustrations provided here by spy photographer Brenda Priddy. Based off of various recent spy shots, Priddy's illustrator created what is likely the stately, aggressive new look for Munich's flagship sedan.

"We're expecting the new 7 Series to have a completely new front end, with an even more elegant look than ever before," Priddy says. "We're anticipating a sleeker body and a much fresher overall appearance."

Priddy adds that BMW will introduce a new version of iDrive, the multifunction system that controls navigation, climate control, etc. Rumors also abound of an eight-speed transmission.

Additionally, BMW will likely include greater use of active safety features incorporating cameras and radar for accident avoidance, according to the writers at Inside Line. It's also not a stretch to consider a forthcoming gas-electric version of this 7 Series, given BMW's partnership with GM and former DaimlerChrysler engineers on development of a hybrid drive system, IL adds.

"Forget the old Bangle Butt, as it was so callously called," writes Inside Line's Phil Lienert, about the controversial rear-end styling of recent 7 Series. "This 7's tail section will have a much smoother design that better integrates into the car's overall lines."

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