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The U.S. Senate approved sweeping energy legislation last June that includes a provision to dramatically increase the CAFE standards for both cars and light trucks. It would require a combined CAFE average of 35 mpg by 2020, a 40% increase from today’s standards. The U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of an energy bill last August, but House lawmakers put off a decision on how high to boost CAFE standards for automobiles.

SEMA has urged both the House and Senate to support the “Hill-Terry” bill (HR 2927) calling for a tough, but attainable CAFE hike, around 32–35 miles per gallon by model year 2022. SEMA has also urged lawmakers to (1) retain the distinction between passenger cars and light trucks and; (2) provide sufficient lead time for automakers to adjust to new technological demands. Since cars and light trucks have dramatically different vehicle attributes, SEMA believes they should be separately regulated. Combining the two categories may threaten consumer choice, the ability to haul supplies and tow trailers, address recreational needs and many other demands. 


Contact Your Senators & Representative

Congressional leaders are now attempting to negotiate a compromise on the House/Senate energy bill. SEMA urges its members to contact their Senators and Representative immediately and request that they maintain the CAFE car/light-truck distinction and provide sufficient lead time to implement any CAFE changes. SEMA is a member of the CAFE Coalition, which has set up a website to quickly send a message using this link:    

Questions? Contact Stuart Gosswein at or 202/783-6007, ext. 30.