More than three-quarters of light-truck enthusiasts customize their trucks to improve performance, according to SEMA research data. Of the 1200 light-truck owners queried for the SEMA 2007 Automotive Lifestyles survey, a staggering 86% somewhat agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “I customize my vehicle to increase performance.”

Performance is not the only reason why enthusiasts modify their light-trucks, however. Nearly as many see their truck as an extension of themselves and their individuality, with 79% somewhat or strongly agreeing that their vehicle is a way for them to express themselves, and 78% agreeing that they customize to set their truck apart from others on the road.

Along similar lines, 68% of enthusiasts somewhat or strongly disagreed when asked if their vehicle was only used for basic transportation. Additionally, 59% say they prefer to modify the appearance of their truck rather than the performance.

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