Three new vehicles and one new Hybrid vehicle were recipients of the 2007 SEMA Vehicle Design Awards announced today at the SEMA Show. The awards honor the most accessory-friendly vehicles of the year in four separate categories: Car, Truck, SUV and Hybrid. The Nissan Titan took top honors in the Truck category, the Cadillac CTS won in the Car category and the Hummer H2 won in the SUV category. The newest award for the most accessory-friendly Hybrid vehicle went to the Chevrolet Tahoe.

Most Accessory-Friendly Truck - Nissan Titan

Each SEMA Vehicle Design Award recipient was part of a selection process that encompassed SEMA member companies and automakers who regularly participate in technology sharing programs. These programs consist of various data sharing, measurement sessions and technology transfer initiatives which provide valuable information for each specialty equipment manufacturer to be in sync with the launch of new vehicles.

Most Accessory-Friendly Car - Cadillac CTS

The SEMA Vehicle Design Awards were established to honor those newly introduced vehicles that best exemplify the alliance between the OEMs and SEMA-member companies. The awards recognize and celebrate the vehicles that a select group of voting members has chosen as the most accessory-friendly vehicles of the year.

Most Accessory-Friendly SUV - Hummer H2

"The SEMA Design Awards are becoming more exciting every year with the growing number of accessory-friendly vehicles and options now available for consumers,” said John Waraniak, SEMA VP of Vehicle Technology. "These vehicles are great examples of how automakers and SEMA members are working together to design for customization and engineer for accessorization.”

Most Accessory-Friendly Hybrid - Chevrolet Tahoe

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