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SEMA Council and Committees

SEMA Councils represent particular industry sectors. Procedurally, the council select committee is the medium through which representation is administered; however, participation among principals of the industry faction who are council members is critical to the success of the group and its activities. (Select committee members are volunteers who are dedicated to industry niche causes, the proverbial “big picture,” and forsake personal business affairs to do so.) General council membership is available through a secondary dues structure established by the select committee. Council members are businesses and must also be members in good standing of SEMA. 

The select committee is the elected governing body which functions as the representative of the council’s general membership and the industry sector it serves. They are responsible for providing guidance to the council membership and communicating the council’s issues and opportunities to the SEMA Board of Directors.

The chair of each council, having been elected by the select committee:

  1. Develops meeting agendas in cooperation with the staff liaison.
  2. Conducts all select committee meetings.
  3. Conducts the annual project-planning meeting.
  4. Appoints select committee members to fulfill unexpired terms until the next regular annual election in the event of a resignation or other vacancy on the select committee.
  5. Is the direct-link communicator between the staff liaison and fellow select committee members.
  6. Calls select committee meetings, whether face-to-face or teleconference, to manage council business.
  7. Serves as an ex officio member of each council subcommittee and/or task force.
  8. Advises the staff liaison of council business that requires reporting at staff management meetings to facilitate staff involvement, as necessary.
  9. Establishes subcommittees and/or task forces to facilitate council business.
  10. Serves as the representative of the select committee to the segment represented by the council.

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