New Products and Technology


The following information and photos are courtesy of the shooters at Brenda Priddy & Co.

We were originally told that BMW's new X6 would be a direct rival to the Mercedes CLS, but now that the concept has been introduced, we can see that it's definitely not.


BMW also made us believe the new V5—also referred to as the F5 and even RFK—would be Munich's answer to the Mercedes R-Class, but again, this appears to be false information.


Early spy shots of the RFK now reveal it's a true fastback, allowing more headroom than in the X6, while being significantly smaller than the Mercedes R-Class. The more car-like approach seen on this prototype seems better suited to BMW's values than a fullsize van, but it could easily be considered a sport van or—like the others in the marketplace—a crossover.

V5? F5? RFK? Whatever it's called, we're expecting this RWD Spartanburg-built crossover to share engines with the 5 Series and offer optional all-wheel-drive.