Market Snapshot


According to a Foresight Research report conducted last year, commissioned by SEMA's Research and Information Center, more than 1,700 fullsize truck owners revealed that 50% had spent or planned to spend $500 or more on accessories, ranging from a high of 63% for Dodge Ram owners to a low of 27% for Cadillac Escalade EXT owners.

And 20% of that group said they bought their trucks at a particular dealership because of the availability of accessories. Ironically, although Escalade EXT owners ranked low among most likely to accessorize, they're most likely (32%) to accessorize at a specific dealership and spend the most, an average of $1,470.

The restyling segment of the specialty-equipment industry, with $4.076 billion in 2006 retail sales, grew 7.28% from 2005 and represents a little more than 11% of the market, according to SEMA research.

The restyling market includes all products to modify the exterior and/or interior of vehicles, from sunroofs to ground effects, grille guards to drop-center bumpers. Restyling, likewise, isn't limited to any one type or class of vehicles and can be installed on showroom models to inspire consumer ideas or to dress up the family vehicle instead of selling it.

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