Market Snapshot


The mobile-electronics market has ridden a spectacular wave of growth since 1999, expanding 67% in a six-year period ending in 2005, according to SEMA research. Fueled largely by demand for navigation and video entertainment products, retail sales from 1999–2005 rose from $3.3 billion to $5.5 billion. And a 2005 forecast by the Fredonia Group indicates that the segment will continue growing, with demand reaching $10 billion by 2008.

Six years ago, navigation and video entertainment products comprised just less than 12% of total mobile-electronics retail sales. By 2005, it had nearly doubled to 23%.

Still, audio systems are the heart of the market. The top seven modifications mobile-electronics enthusiasts perform are audio-related, starting with amplifiers (22.1% had installed, 12.8% planned to install), and continuing down through component speakers, head units and subwoofers. DVD players and video monitors were the eighth most popular purchase, with 7.4% having installed one and 12.4% planning on it.

These enthusiasts (from a sample of 5,000 subscribers to auto-enthusiast publications, these 2,349 indicated they had purchased or planned to purchase mobile electronics gear) are a fast-acting group, as well: 67% had purchased and installed a product within the first two months of ownership.

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