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Ford Design Awards

Ford Motor Company will once again recognize the most significant design achievements at the 2007 SEMA Show with its Ford Motor Company Corporate Design Awards. These prestigious awards are given to those vehicles that make a significant contribution to vehicle design and stand apart from all the others at the SEMA Show.

Awards will be presented for the most significant accomplishments in the following vehicle categories:

  • Best of Show
  • Best of Show on Ford Corporate Display Stand
  • Best Ford Heritage Vehicle
  • Outstanding Achievement(s)

Formal presentation of the awards will be on Tuesday, October 30, immediately preceding the Ford Motor Company Press Conference in the Ford Motor Company Show Stand located in the Racing & Performance section of Center Hall.

Ford Motor Company's Corporate Design judging team will review all Show vehicles on display at the Show on Sunday and Monday (during Show setup). To assist the judging team in these efforts, exhibitors are encouraged to submit descriptions of their vehicles, pictures and the vehicle's Show location to Sherry Kollien (cars),, or to Sandy Walsh (trucks/CUVs/SUVs),

General Motors Design Awards

General Motors will again be giving out design awards for various categories at this year’s SEMA Show. Categories will be divided into two groups:

A) Vehicles: Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Restored Vehicles

B) Component/System Designs

The entry form is available by clicking here.

The form can copied to allow exhibitors to apply for more than one vehicle or component award. The form can also be forwarded to any suppliers that have contributed to your GM Show vehicle, or who have a new/innovative component design.

Note: Component design awards will be presented to the design/manufacturing company, not the displayer.

Judging will be done on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. An award breakfast will be held at 7:30 a.m.–9:00 am on Thursday in the Convention Center.  Since there will be hundreds of applicants, only the winners will be notified of the breakfast invitation, due to the short time to complete the judging and get back with the winners.

If your vehicle will be displayed as a feature vehicle, it is understood that locations will not be provided until Sunday or Monday afternoon. Fill out the form now, and provide the location information to Bob Kern at 313/300-9471 as soon as it is known.

The deadline is noon on October 23. GM requests that only one vehicle or component be submitted per application sheet.  Fax the form(s) to the number on the form.

Questions? Contact Bob Kern 313/300-9471 (cell).