Market Snapshot


“I can’t lose with 22s,” hip-hop MC Ludacris declared in verse two years ago, and it looks like he was on the forefront of a trend. SEMA research shows that 22 inches is now the most popular wheel diameter among urban-lifestyle enthusiasts. Of nearly 1,800 responses from a recent SEMA survey on the urban-lifestyle market, 21% said they have purchased, or plan to purchase, 22-inch wheels.

Twenty-inch wheels still hold sway with 16% of enthusiasts surveyed, and 24-inch wheels round out the top three, with 12.5% preferring them.

Wheels were also the overwhelming favorite product category, with 77% of respondents having purchased them. Alarm systems, perhaps not surprisingly, followed (56.5%), then wash/wax/polishing products (54.6%), window tint/lamination (52.1%) and finally exhaust kits (pipe, tip and muffler), the first nod to performance upgrades among this segment at 45.2%

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