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Automotive enthusiasts are most interested in musclecars, street rods, customs and restored vehicles, according to SEMA market research. So who are these enthusiasts? The following is a short excerpt from the 2006 Hot Rod Industry Report, which provides demographic data on this group:

SEMA’s latest Automotive Lifestyles survey was launched in June 2006. It was sent to subscribers of 21 different Primedia publications, including Hot Rod, Motor Trend, Popular Hot Rodding, and Rod & Custom. Some of the questions provide some useful demographic information. One of the questions read, “Please rate your LEVEL OF INTEREST in the following vehicle types.” The results for some of these categories are provided in the table below.

A total of 80% indicated an interest in musclecars; 70% indicated an interest in street rods and customs; and 74% indicated an interest in restored vehicles. Of those who said they were very interested in musclecars, 97.2% were male and 2.8% were female. Of those who said they were very interested in street rods and customs, 96.8% were male and 3.2% were female. And of those who indicated they were very interested in restored vehicles, 96% were male and 4% were female. It is interesting to look at the age demographics. The numbers are spread rather evenly across the board. This is very promising because it shows that people of all ages have an interest in pre-'73 vehicles, indicating that the younger generations will help carry hot rodding into the future. The data is represented in the following table.   

The Automotive Lifestyles survey was sent to subscribers of several Primedia magazines. The age demographics were sliced based on the magazine to which the respondents subscribe. In this case, the 40–58 age group makes up the largest proportion, with nearly 53%. However, these numbers do not take into account those people who buy the magazines off the shelf each month.

Another question in the Automotive Lifestyles survey asked respondents to indicate their highest level of education. Again, for the purpose of this report, only those respondents who indicated they were very interested or somewhat interested in musclecars, street rods and customs and restored vehicles are included.

It's interesting to note that the age demographics for those interested in each of the three categories are nearly identical. The numbers also mirror the age demographics of the magazine subscribers.

SEMA members can receive a complementary copy of the full-length 2006 Hot Rod Industry Report as another benefit to being a SEMA member. The report is filled with valuable facts and figures that about the ever-growing hot-rod industry, and you may download the report by visiting

Source: SEMA Research & Information Center