Market Snapshot


According to WardsAuto, the Hummer H2 has become the modern icon of conspicuous consumption. For the specialty-equipment market, it has become somewhat of an icon for customization. For 2008, the next Hummer H2 will be more powerful than ever.

The 2008 H2 will be powered by a 393-hp, 6.2L V8 with a six-speed transmission. The interior, along with the grille, will also receive a facelift. Its curb weight approaches 7,000 lbs., and will feature a new low-range four-wheel-drive transfer case. WardsAuto claims that the redesigns now make the H2 worthy of its price tag and that the overall design feels much more cohesive than the cobbled-together, parts-bin menagerie of the previous model.

There are several optional "infotainment" features, as well as safety improvements, including standard full-length rollover-curtain airbags, improved stability control and anti-rollover systems. The vehicle will also have upgraded brakes that will better maintain pressure during sudden stops. There will also be an available rearview camera system from Magna International Inc., which integrates into the rearview mirror on the models not equipped with a navigation system. The H2 can tow up to 8,000 lbs., up from 6,500 lbs. in 2007. It will also have improved acceleration, quicker steering ratio and a four-channel brake-based traction-control system. The Environmental Protection Agency does not rate the fuel economy for the vehicle because of it weight, but GM says that it sees an improvement of 10% from 2007, which would put it somewhere between 12–13 mpg.


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