The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, which according to AutoWeek will go on sale in spring 2008, is expected to challenge BMW’s new M3 for outright driver appeal. Tobias Moers of Mercedes-Benz says that the C63 has more development miles than any other cars in AMG’s 40-year history.

The C63 will be equipped with a 6.2L, 457-hp V8. It will have a seven-speed automatic transmission, 442 lb.-ft. of torque and will feature an electronic stability program that can be switched off completely. When the button is held down for longer than three seconds, the system is disabled. It will continue to operate under braking and will be completely disengaged under load.

The entire frontend structure has been redesigned around a series of six radiators. The front axle of the CLK63 Black Series has been adopted, and the overall length of the vehicle will be 1.3 inches longer than the standard C-Class. Its precision steering will provide sharper turn-in and greater feedback. The suspension will be four-link in front, five-link in the rear. It will be equipped with 18-inch wheels on 245/50 front and 255/35 rear Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires. 

On the outside you’ll find a twin-slat grille, titanium-colored headlight inserts, a restyled steel hood, widened front fenders and bulging wheel arches. There is also a trunk-mounted spoiler and retroflex rear bumper, and the taillamp lenses have been darkened. The interior features contoured sport seats with electronic cushion adjustments, as well as a flat-bottomed steering wheel with remote shift paddles.

Mercedes-Benz claims a 0-to-62 mph e.t. of 4.5 seconds—0.3 seconds quicker than that for the new BMW M3. Top speed is capped at 155 mph. However, there is an optional package that includes a remapped ECU that extends the top end to 174 mph. No price tag has yet been set for the C63.

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