Market Snapshot


Mercedes-Benz just announced pricing for its C class models, according to AutoWeek. The automaker actually cut the cost of the upper trim levels of the 2008 C class, but increased the base price by $1,500. The new C class will be available on August 7 in sport and luxury trim levels that feature suspension tuning and distinctive front ends, wheels and interior trim.

The C300 Sport replaced the C230 Sport sedan. It is equipped with a 3.0L 228-hp V6 engine, upgraded from the 2.5L V6 currently found in its predecessor. The 2008 C300 is priced at $31,975 and, according to Mercedes-Benz, has considerably more standard equipment than its predecessor. The C300 luxury sedan will start at $33,675—$500 less than the current C280 luxury model. The C350 Sport sedan will have a base price of $37,275, down $1,500 from 2007. And the C350 luxury sedan has been dropped from the C class lineup.

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