New Products and Technology


According to Brenda Priddy & Co.:

With more than 1,000 more miles on the 2009 Ram’s odometer, it ran into yet another one of our camera-toting spies!


Twice in less than one week we snagged a 2009 test mule—a current Dodge Ram half-ton pickup with the next-generation Ram's front clip and improved Hemi V8. Even under the heavy camouflage, it's clear that Dodge is moving away from the Ram's trademark big-rig looks in favor of better aerodynamics to help boost fuel economy. The prominent crosshair grille remains—with stronger horizontal and vertical bars and slant-forward styling shared with the Dodge Charger sedan.

When it goes on sale late next summer, expect to see four all-new or revised engine choices. The base 215-hp/235lb.-ft. 3.7L V6 will be replaced with the 260-hp/265lb.-ft. 4.0L V6 used in the Dodge Nitro SUV. The Ram's current 235-hp/300lb.-ft. 4.7L V8 gets the same makeover the 2008 Dodge Dakota received, boosting power to 300 hp/330lb.-ft., and the 5.7L Hemi V8 will get a bump in displacement and power from current 345-hp/375lb.-ft. levels. A new Cummins 6.7L V8 diesel motor will also be available. Both gas and diesel V8s will use six-speed automatic transmissions.

Photo Credit: Chris Doane for Brenda Priddy & Co.