Market Snapshot


The number of E85 refueling locations across the United States now exceeds 1,200, according to the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC). The Renew E85, LLC station at 1440 Horicon Street in Maryville, Wisconsin, is one of the newest E85 stations and put the total number of E85 fueling sites over 1,200. 

Jay Stoflet of Renew E85, LLC added, "It's great to reach a milestone like this, but we know there is still a long way to go for Americans to have the type of convenient access, across the United States, needed to make E85 a viable option for the masses. Being the 1,200th facility to offer E85, our hope is that it illustrates to others that there is a waiting market in this country for E85 and that it inspires them to join the cause, helping to fill the demand U.S. consumers have for alternative fuels."

Last year at this time, the number of E85 sites across the United States was less than 750 facilities. During the past year, more than 450 (61% growth from last year) new sites have been established, including E85 locations opening for the first time in Alabama and Arkansas. Currently, there are 70 privately accessed and 1,134 publicly accessed E85 sites. The NEVC has assisted with the establishment of all of these facilities, providing technical, promotional and/or financial support.

"Growth and interest in E85 fuel and infrastructure is continuing at a rapid pace," said Chairman of the NEVC and Director of Government Affairs for ICM Greg Krissek. "We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone and look forward to helping to grow the nation's E85 infrastructure even more in the coming months. Congratulations to the Renew station in Maryville, Wisconsin, and to all the retailers supporting E85."

The NEVC is currently working with our many partners to encourage that Congressional appropriations are made available to continue to grow the numbers of E85 stations across the nation.

As the number of E85 stations across the United States grows, more consumers may see that buying an E85-capable vehicle will be a practical option. Sales of alterative-fuel powertrains, including E85, clean diesel and gasoline-electric hybrid powertrains, reached 1.5 million last year.

Source: National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (May 7, 2007). "E85 Stations Surpass 1,200 Locations!" National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition press release.