The 2007 SEMA Show Exhibitor registration is now open! To register, visit and choose the link in the Exhibitor column called "Register."

As an exhibitor at the 2007 SEMA Show, your company will receive badges based on the amount of exhibit space that you reserved.

Booth Size (Net Square Feet) = Allotment
100–150 = 4
200–250 = 6
300–350 = 8
400–550 = 15
600–850 = 20
900–1150 = 25
1200 = 30
1200+ = 30 (+ 1 per 100 net sq. ft.)


Any additional badges required over the allocated amount must be approved by Show Management. To apply for additional badges, email Badges will be $10 per person if approval is granted. Remember: Exhibitor badges are to be used for booth personnel only, not for buyers, friends or family.

International badges will be mailed if registration is received via fax or mail by August 24, or online by August 30. U.S. badges will be mailed if registration is received via fax or mail by September 21 or online by September 27. Registrations or changes received after these dates will be processed and badges will be held for pickup at the Exhibitor Registration Desk at the Show.

Advance registration deadline ends October 19. After October 19, exhibitors may only register on-site, and each badge will cost $10 even if the company allotment has not been used.

If you do not wish to register online, contact Virginia Streate at 702/450-7662 ext. 118, or e-mail and a form will be emailed or faxed to you.

Questions or need to increase your allotment? Simply e-mail any inquiries to


SEMA Show exhibitors that supply store fixtures, lighting, cabinets, flooring, signage or other visual merchandising are welcome to participate in the Store of the Future - Retail Resource Center at the SEMA Show. Whether you'd like to display product or simply have your brochures available, the Store of the Future is a great way to connect to the thousands of jobbers, retailers and installers that attend the SEMA Show in November. For more information, contact Tom Myroniak at 909/396-0289.