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Rapid solidification rate (RSR) technology enables production of fine-grained (nanometer-scale) and amorphous metals with uniform chemistry. These unique microstructures result from very high cooling rates that are unattainable through gas atomization or other methods. Ervin Industries has developed a rapid-solidification powder technology that is capable of producing high-purity, fine-grained or amorphous particles in the size range from 10 to 1200 micrometers with highly spherical morphology.

This technology is used to produce high temperature "super alloys" (maximum of 3,000 degrees F) for use in aerospace and commercial applications, the company says. They also note that the particles can be processed in multiple atmospheres including air, helium, nitrogen or vacuum. In addition to this, the company notes the following benefits:

* It is capable of producing both metal and ceramic powders with a theoretical packing density of 65%.
* It has a melt size capable from development batch to production sizes-75 lbs. to 6,000 lbs.
* It is directly converted from "melt" to powder, which results in minimal post processing and reduced exposure to potential contamination sources.
* The process is chemistry controlled, ensured by use of high-quality precursors, which produces spherical powder with fewer attached particles than other methods, resulting in better powder flow.

This technology may have benefits in the specialty-equipment industry as companies look for new materials to manufacture their products. Ervin Industries is looking to license its new RSR technology, and more information can be found on the company's website,

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