New Products and Technology


Brenda Priddy was the first to bring us quality (non-camera-phone) photos of Honda’s sporty Accord coupe, and now they have the very first pictures of the sedan!

According to Brenda Priddy & Company, with similar—but not identical shapes, and different textures (no honeycomb grille on these sedans)—it was easy to tell exactly what we were looking at in our rear-view mirror.

The new Accords will reach the production line this coming September or October, with the first shipments to dealers shortly afterwards.

Our sedans are likely all four-cylinders, but Honda has publicly talked about more horsepower, better fuel economy, cylinder deactivation and lower emissions for the V6-powered Accord—and although there’s no word from Honda, we’re anticipating a 3.5L V6 with about 270 hp, and a 180-hp 2.4L four-cylinder powerplant.


Brenda Priddy & Company