Market Snapshot


Honda says it will put a sleek hydrogen fuel-cell sedan into limited production next year and will sell a unique mass-market hybrid in the United States within two years. It will be priced less than the $25,000 Civic hybrid. At the 2007 North America International Auto Show in Detroit, Honda showed of a concept version of its next generation fuel-cell vehicle.



The automaker announced the vehicles at a Washington demonstration of prototypes of the FCX fuel-cell sedans it will offer in the United States next year.
According to a recent USA Today article, Honda is content with the viability of its fuel-cell car, and, as a result, is now concentrating on reducing the costs associated with fuel-cell vehicles and ensuring that a plentiful supply of hydrogen is available to its fuel-cell car users.
To this end, Honda is currently developing a “home energy centre” that would produce hydrogen for a fuel-cell car, as well as supply electricity for the home, although this product will not be ready in time to coincide with the fuel-cell sedan’s introduction.

General Motors also has promised 100 Chevrolet Equinox SUVs modified to run on fuel-cell power this year.

GM and Honda say their fuel-cell vehicles meet U.S. safety standards and have the same features as gasoline models.


Source: SEMA Research and Information Center