Market Snapshot


DuPont, a manufacturer and distributor of chemicals and high-performance materials, is seeking to license a process for making self-supporting conductive films for electrical applications, such as packaging for transporting electrical components and static dissipating laminates for critical workbenches and clean-room environments. According to a brief description of this technology on, the company says that these films can also provide permanent shielding from electromagnetic interference for sensitive electronic devices. According to DuPont, some of the benefits of these films include:

  • They can be formed over a support and cast into a three-dimensional self-supporting piece.
  • The technology uses fluoropolymers to ensure solvent and harsh chemical resistance.
  • The films can be made adhesive using flame treatment.
  • The films can be heat-sealed to themselves to form bags.
  • The conductive additive of the films is not carbon black, leading to easier processing and more uniform electrical resistance.
  • The conductive behavior is not impacted by humidity.

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