Mike Spagnola

Mike Spagnola is the CEO of the Specialty Equipment Market Association. In addition to running the SEMA Garage - Product Development Center in Diamond Bar, CA, Spagnola manages the SEMA Garage near Detroit, Michigan, where advanced testing for advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and emissions will take place when the facility opens in 2022. Spagnola has strong leadership and hands-on business experience and is currently overseeing the association legislative and advocacy efforts, SEMA Data and administrative functions such as accounting and HR.

Spagnola's experience spans across retail, distribution and manufacturing. Prior to joining SEMA he logged over 40 years in the specialty auto parts arena, including more than 20 years of product development and project vehicle work.

Immediately prior to joining SEMA, Spagnola served as President for Street Scene Equipment, where he managed the company's day-to-day business for 16 years. His experience working with OEMs building concept and project vehicles has led to more than a dozen design awards from OEMs and extensive media recognition. Spagnola also completed six years of service on the SEMA Board of Directors.