2019 SEMA Hall Of Fame Inductee

 SEMA Hall Of Fame Inductee - Bruce Crower

Bruce Crower

Crower Cams

To know Crower’s story is to know the history and essence of the automotive specialty-equipment market. Growing up in the ’30s, Crower was captivated by cars and speed from an early age. Whether it was the Moto-Scoot he modified at the age of 13, the Harley he got when he was 17 or the ’36 Ford coupe or ’32 Ford roadster that followed, Crower was always looking for ways to improve speed. After a brief period in the Air Force, Crower headed to San Diego, where hot rodding was flourishing. In 1955, he opened Crower Racing Cams & Equipment Co. and began manufacturing race products. From the mounting of the 671 Blower on his Hudson to the Crower Glide Clutch and wings on Don Garlits’ race car, Crower is credited with advancing the industry’s speed, safety and overall innovation.