1988 SEMA Hall Of Fame Inductee

 SEMA Hall Of Fame Inductee - Dean Moon

Dean Moon

Moon Equipment Co.

Fuel tanks, spun aluminum disc wheel covers, fuel blocks and more were familiar Moon products. But the most popular item sold by the entrepreneur of hot rodding, Dean Moon, was the ubiquitous Moon Eyes decal, seen in virtually every country in the world. A former machinist, Dean’s early years involved helping hot rodders by building their roadsters behind his shop. As a result of the networking he did as secretary of the Russetta Timing Association, his knowledge of speed-producing tips and tricks grew and resulted in him becoming one of the most sought-after hot rodders on the dry lakes. Dean was the second president of SEMA in 1964, following his notable involvement in the formation of the Association. His legacy lives on in the form of Mooneyes USA.