The WTC has delivered educational webinars to help its members enhance their knowledge and find solutions to the wheel and tire industry's most pressing issues.

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Tire Knowledge 101: Load Carrying Capacity and Applications  
Understanding the importance of the tire load index and inflation rules is essential for tire dealers, installers and resellers. Setting the correct air pressure and load carrying capacity is vital to help avoid risks. This webinar addresses the industry's latest challenges on newer platforms.
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Wheel Knowledge 101: Measurements
The webinar addresses the basics of wheel fitment dynamics to help increase product knowledge, as well as boost confidence and comfort level when engaging with a potential wheel buyer.
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Tire Knowledge 201: Standards for Determining Rim Width and Load Capacity
Hear from two of the industry's leading tire technical experts as they address the specifics of load index and load ranges, when and where they apply, and how to calculate the correct air pressure for certain applications.
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Wheel Knowledge 201: Wheel Testing Methodology
Learn about the different tests and guidelines available for wheels, what the tests mean and why they matter.
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Tire Knowledge 301: Common Causes of Balancing Process Errors and How to Avoid Them
Unbalanced tires are a common problem that can cause vehicle vibration. Watch this webinar to hear from tire technical experts as they discuss the mechanics of tire balance vs. unbalance, vibration-inducting factors which can mimic unbalance, and share best practices to minimize vehicle vibration.
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Wheel Knowledge 301: Did You Know?
When working with aftermarket wheel and tires, knowing how each part interacts with one another and its relationship to road is critical to ensuring driver safety. Learn what you need to know about wheel width and its effect handling, contact patch sizes, P-metric vs LT fitment, DOT date codes, slope of road on Duallies, and wheel evolution.
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Preparing for National Tire Safety Week, powered by WTC
Learn how you can prepare your staff and marketing in advance for National Tire Safety Week and educate consumers on proper tire care and maintenance.
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PAC Membership from a WTC Membership Perspective
During this session, legislative experts share details on some of the pressing issues impacting the wheel and tire industry and explain how WTC members can protect their businesses and rights.
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RPM Act: How it Affects WTC Members and How to Protect Your Rights
Learn why passing the RPM Act is crucial to the wheel and tire industry.
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Building Your Business through Profit Sharing
Profit sharing can be a powerful tool for attracting and keeping talented employees, building a strong and healthy foundation for your business, and creating a customer-friendly environment. Learn the benefits of offering a well-defined and transparent program, how to get started and how to use it to increase sales and profit margins.
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Staffing and Training for the Wheel and Tire Aftermarket
Recruiting, training, and retaining employees is an ongoing challenge for many wheel and tire aftermarket companies. During this session, three wheel and tire industry giants talk about what they are doing to solve and prevent this issue.
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