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WTC Member Spotlight: Truespoke Wire Wheels


WTC named Truespoke Wire Wheels as the council's newest spotlight member. Truespoke Wire Wheels designs, engineers and manufacturers wire wheels for the automotive aftermarket. Learn more about the company in SEMA's interview with company employee Doug Dwyer below.

SEMA: What is the most significant factor that contributed to your company's success?
Doug Dwyer: Perseverance.

SEMA: Tell us about your business in 2023.
DD: While our business has recovered from the COVID restrictions, our vendors have not. Their businesses have been hit with a perfect storm of COVID-related labor issues, material shortages, supplier mergers, restrictive environmental rules, plus transportation issues. We can only be as dependable as our vendors.

It is a tribute to the strength of our industry that we have been able to strive in spite of the obstacles we have faced.

SEMA: What are you most excited about for your company?
DD: There is an amazing loyalty to the Truespoke brand across several sectors or the automotive aftermarket. For decades we have participated in award-winning concurs Champions, as well as Best of Show Hot Rod and Low Rider projects.

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