While many of the SEMA Education offerings focus on general industry topics such as digital marketing, career development or accounting, the “Wheel and Tire Industry Insights, Powered by WTC” is a seven part series designed specifically for the wheel and tire industry. WTC members will find the program to be an easy and affordable way to obtain tips, best practices, and knowledge that pertain to their businesses.

With seven sessions included, each offering premieres as a live interactive event with the recordings available for viewing any time of day or night. The first three sessions brought in more than 140 registrants participating in the live events where they asked specific questions and received individual answers.

View the recordings of the first three sessions below.

Stay tuned to your email, SEMA eNews, and www.sema.org/virtual-education as additional webinars are announced and released throughout the year.

Tire Knowledge 101: Load Carrying Capacity and Applications  

Understanding the importance of the tire load index and inflation rules is essential for tire dealers, installers and resellers. Setting the correct air pressure and load carrying capacity is vital to help avoid risks. This webinar addresses the industry's latest challenges on newer platforms.
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Wheel Knowledge 101: Measurements
Knowing the fundamentals of wheel construction and its relevancy to fitment and application is essential for sales staff in the wheel industry. From the retail counter person, to eTailer's and wholesale customer service staff, having a good understanding of wheel construction and nomenclature will empower front line staff to assist customers and answer questions confidently.
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Tire Knowledge 201: Standards for Determining Rim Width and Load Capacity
Hear from two of the industry's leading tire technical experts as they address the specifics of load index and load ranges, when and where they apply, and how to calculate the correct air pressure for certain applications.
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