Member Updates


By Heather Tausch, WTC Select Committee Member

In recent years, the WTC has been using traditional branding exercises to formalize its unique value proposition in order to understand how to provide clear and tangible benefits to its member companies and their employees. As part of this work the WTC undertook an endeavor to create a brand equity pyramid that clearly defined its unique value proposition. This started with clearly defining the council's root strengths and consumer insights and building upon that foundation to ultimately drive up to a brand purpose: to grow, advocate, and connect the aftermarket segment of the wheel and tire industry.

Through this work, the WTC was able to recognize the needs of the representatives of our member companies and potential member companies who look to the WTC to expand their network, improve their influence, and access resources and knowledge within the wheel and tire aftermarket.

With this work under our belt, the WTC plans to bring you a series of new and improved tools that will help you Build Personal Professional Traction for your career. Be on the lookout in future editions of the WTC Member Updates to learn how the WTC can help you connect, learn, and grow within the industry to build your personal professional traction.