WTC continues to host virtual education webinars dedicated to helping members enhance their knowledge and find solutions on the most pressing issues facing the wheel and tire aftermarket.    

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Building Your Business through Profit Sharing
Profit sharing can be a powerful tool for attracting and keeping talented employees, building a strong and healthy foundation for your business, and creating a customer-friendly environment. Watch this session to hear from Dick Erickson, Founder of Sun Tire, break down the benefits of offering a well-defined and transparent program. He will share the basics of a profit-sharing program, how to get started and how to use it to increase sales and profit margins.

PAC Membership from a WTC Membership Perspective
Decisions being made in Congress and the halls of state capitols have enormous and growing effects on the wheel and tire industry. What makes matters even more complicated is that whether it's the lawmakers or the laws, things are always changing. Legislative experts share details on some of the pressing issues impacting the market and explain how WTC members can protect their businesses and rights.

RPM Act: How it Affects WTC Members and How to Protect Your Rights
Learn why passing the RPM Act is crucial to the wheel and tire industry. WTC Select Committee member John Rastetter and a panel of wheel and tire professionals shared their first-hand experience and knowledge on why the RPM Act is important to the wheel and tire industry.