SEMA WTC - Heather Tausch

The WTC named Heather Tausch as this week's WTC spotlight volunteer. Tausch is a WTC select committee member and the director of product development at Mickey Thompson Wheels & Tires—a designer and builder of performance wheels and tires for the automotive aftermarket.

Get to know Tausch in her interview with SEMA below:


SEMA: What led you to obtaining a career in the wheel and tire industry?

Heather Tausch: I fell into the wheel and tire industry on accident when I was recruited to WELD in 2017 from a small spark plug company. I fell in love with the wheel industry when I discovered it's the fashion industry of the automotive aftermarket. I branched out to tires when I launched MOMO Tires in 2018, and Mickey Thompson has opened my eyes in how technically advanced tires can be, which appeals to the nerd in me.

SEMA: How has being a WTC volunteer or member impacted your professional career?

HT: Being a WTC volunteer has given me access to a whole community that has experience and insight into the unique challenges I face every day.

SEMA: What advice do you have for someone pursuing a career in the wheel and tire segment?

HT: My advice is to get involved with the industry and get out of the office to connect with the market.

SEMA: Where can we find you on a Saturday?

HT: I can be found doing fun activities with my seven-year-old.
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