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Rebranded SEMA Wheel & Tire Council Welcomes Brake and Suspension to Membership


The SEMA Wheel & Tire Council (WTC) has expanded its membership, and is now the SEMA Wheel, Tire, Suspension, & Brake Council (WTSBC). The evolution marks a significant shift towards uniting industry companies to further collaborate and network on similar challenges, as well as gain access to programs and resources that can help them thrive in their business.

"Expanding the Council presents a unique opportunity to be more cross-functional and interconnected on opportunities and challenges that these four communities face," said Michael Lusso, Sustaining Engineering Manager for Coats, and Current Chair of the WTSBC. "The expansion will be pivotal in building a larger platform for fundamental discussion, which will help us to drive the market and wield a stronger voice."

Lusso also notes that the complexity of advanced technology such as electric and autonomous vehicles, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), emissions compliance, and global competition are just a few challenges that members can come together to learn about and discuss.

"The WTSBC offers a community where wheel, tire, suspension and brake companies can learn and grow through targeted education sessions, information sharing, and networking opportunities," added WTSBC Director Nicole Bradle. "Members also receive exclusive access to leadership development and volunteer opportunities, member spotlights in SEMA News, and a bi-monthly newsletter keeping members informed on their ongoing benefits."

WTSBC membership is open to manufacturers, importers, distributors, dealers, and service providers. To learn more about the WTSBC, or to sign up to become a member, contact Nicole Bradle at