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WTC - How the Wheel & Tire Industry Can Benefit from Being Data Driven


Sub-optimal decision-making can have a negative financial impact on wheel and tire aftermarket companies – particularly when it comes to data.

Knowing what to order, how much to order, how to price items and where to store them in your network are all important for saving money and maximizing efficiency.

WTC members are invited to the webinar "Data is the New Oil – How the Tire & Wheel Industry Can Benefit from Being More Data-Driven & Save Billions of Dollars" on September 21 at 12:00 p.m. PDT.

Attendees will hear from Mike Lusso, Sustaining Engineer Manager at Hennessey Industries, and Tim Eisenmann, Chief Analytics Officer and CEO of Torqata, and learn:

  • The cost of having data inefficiencies in your company
  • Solutions and approaches for data collection, cleansing and insights generation
  • Real-world case studies on how empirical decision-making with more data has made a difference for retailers, distributors and manufacturers
  • Starting points to discuss which key decisions could and should be supported by more data and how to acquire it

This webinar will include a Q&A and cover how employing data-based decision-making can help companies gain a significant competitive advantage as the specialty-equipment market becomes more complex (i.e., SKU proliferation) and external influences create more volatility (i.e., Ukraine war, inflation, Covid). Register now.