WTC members who have a passion for the wheel and tire industry and want to play a part in helping to grow and strengthen the market are needed for the WTC Select Committee. WTC select committee volunteers are essential to the success of the council and the market segment, as they identify challenges and opportunities, and create meaningful programs for the industry.

WTC members who want to lead the council and join the Select Committee are invited and encouraged to fill out the form at   

"I believe it is hard-wired in our DNA to belong to something bigger than ourselves," said WTC Chair Todd Steen. "Volunteering with SEMA gives me the opportunity to not only connect and grow professionally from other industry experts, but also gives me the opportunity to invest time into the industry that allows me to make my passion a profession."

Whether it's working with SEMA staff to build community, creating awareness with legislative leaders, or providing education to strengthen the wheel and tire industry – becoming a select committee leader is much more than an opportunity to just give back.  

"Being part of the SEMA has given me a different perspective on the industry. This has also allowed me to work closely with peers and customers in solving industry needs and supporting educational efforts," said WTC Chair-Elect Mike Lusso. "The networking with my customers and peers is rewarding, knowing that we have a council or voice that will support the industry for many years."

"Your net worth is often determined by your network," added Steen. "If you ignore the opportunity to volunteer with SEMA and build your network through the councils, you're fundamentally choosing to leave money on the table. Choosing to be involved is a choice to become a greater asset to your company and your industry."

Strong strategic planning skills and significant aftermarket knowledge are helpful, but the most important trait is a passion for giving back to the industry. Please consider applying to volunteer -- or recommend someone who you think would be great in this role – before the April 22 deadline at