Maintaining proper care and cleaning of wheels can help them last longer and look like new.

Available as a free download, the WTC Wheel Care Guide provides proper wheel care tips and FAQs, as well as explains the common wheel surface finishes and the appropriate type of cleaning solution for each.

Check out a few of the wheel care tips included below, and download the WTC Wheel Care Guide here for complete details. The PDF format allows you to print what you need or distribute the information electronically, and can be an internal staff training piece or used as a counter topper resource for customers.

  • Make sure to follow directions listed on the wheel care product.
  • Always work on a cool wheel surface, preferably in the shade.
  • Spray wheel cleaner from the bottom of the wheel working upwards to avoid concentrated product running down the face of the wheel. Each wheel should be cleaned before allowing product to dry on the wheel.
  • Appropriately agitate with soft bristle wheel brush or wash mitt as needed.
  • Rinse wheel thoroughly ensuring all cleaner and dirt is removed and dry completely with cloth.
  • Protect the wheel surface with sealer or wax.
  • A raw aluminum wheel will require regular polishing to maintain its protection and luster.