National Trail Clean Up Day, a recently introduced environmental and conservatory effort to help keep trails and off-highway areas clean and well-maintained, took place last month with national industry support and participation.

Arranged by several national off-roading organizations, the movement was an opportunity to show that the off-highway community cares about the environmental impact of improper trail use, including littering and deviating from marked trails. The event also connected novice users with a community of like-minded groups that educated them on proper trail etiquette and responsible use while having a great time on public lands.

Miles recently spoke with TORA and shared her experience participating in the national event.

TORA: Which trail did you help clean up?

Wendy Miles: Coney Flats in Lyons, CO

TORA: Who participated with you (company, industry friends, off road club, family etc.)?

WM: Joey Parent (@iknowblueberry), Hannah Sweeney, Zoie Thomas, Hunter Rausch and my son. We also accidently met up with the Escape Routes 4x4 Club who was also doing the clean-up. Bob and Dutch (@twocheapjeepguys) provided trash bags for us to use but weren’t able to join us.

TORA: Why did you choose to participate?

WM: Trail stewardship is very important to me and the off-road community. By keeping trails clean and staying on marked trails, it is easier for the motorized community to maintain access to trails on public lands. For the industry, it means customers need bigger and better parts to go on more aggressive trails or to replace ones that may have been damaged doing the “fun stuff”.

TORA: What was the experience like? 

WM: It is always fun getting out and enjoying nature with people who share an interest in running trails and keeping them clean, especially with COVID keeping everyone socially distanced.

TORA: What would you say to others about the importance of keeping our trails clean?

WM: If we, as the off-road community, don’t continually take trail stewardship seriously, we will slowly but surely lose access to our public lands.