UnderCover and BAK Industries, both Truck Hero brands, have been named TORA’s newest member spotlight companies.

When BAK Industries first began, the company manufactured bed liners and caps before moving into the tonneau cover market. Their breakthrough moment came with the creation of the BAKFlip, now the BAKFlip MX4 hard fold cover. It’s also the product they are most proud of for its design and style, as well as having the highest demand in the market for a hard folding tonneau bed cover. Read more about BAK Industries’ current projects in their SEMA eNews spotlight article.

UnderCover was born from a drawing on a napkin at a Christmas party in the late ’90s, and the proceeding tonneau cover, the UnderCover Classic, was the first-of-its-kind for its design in the one-piece cover market. The company’s breakthrough moment occurred with the release of the UnderCover Flex folding cover. Traditionally, Undercover only offered one-piece products, and the UnderCover Flex cover allowed the expansion and reach to provide truck bed covers for customers across every spectrum of the tonneau cover market. Read about UnderCover’s current projects in their SEMA eNews spotlight article.