The TORA leadership has identified “community building” as one of its top priorities in 2020. As such, the select committee has created a new Regional Networking Events Task Force led by Chair, Mike Hallmark. Creating a sense of kinship and unity among companies and individuals within the light-truck and off-road segments is critical to the groups ongoing success. “Networking events are a great way to bring together the truck and off-road markets,” said TORA Select Committee Chair, Erika Marquez.

We are asking all TORA members to mark their calendars as the group will be hosting meetups in the following locations in 2020:

  • Meetup at Adventure Expo in Costa Mesa (CA) on TBD
  • Easter Jeep Safari Trail Run in Moab (UT) on Thursday, April 9th
  • Open Meeting & Meetup at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab (UT) from 4-7pm on Thursday, April 9th
  • Meetup at Ultimate Call Out Challenge in Indianapolis (IN) on Friday, May 1st
  • Meetup at Overland Expo in Flagstaff (AZ) on TBD

For specific details on each event, please email Nathan Ridnouer at Or, follow the TORA Facebook page for regular updates and event registration.