When it was announced late last spring that LTAA had joined forces with the off-road segment and renamed the council the Truck & Off-Road Alliance (TORA), it signaled a new beginning for the group. By keeping the word “truck” in its name, the group reaffirmed support of and allegiance to its long-standing core constituency of cap and accessory companies while embracing the growing “off-road” market.


As TORA moves forward, the council remains committed to providing member resources and programs to encourage engagement and community building. “While our main focus is on building awareness of TORA in the off-road community, we are also making sure that our core membership in the light-truck segment continues to feel engaged and involved,” said TORA Chair Erika Marquez.


For these reasons, we are asking the membership to ensure that their voice is heard. We want to know their educational needs. We want to know which industry events they’d like to see TORA at in the coming year. And, we want to hear their challenges. If you would like your voice heard, we strongly encourage you to reach out to your TORA liaison, Nathan Ridnouer, at 909-978-6688 or Nathanr@sema.org.