Nominations are closing soon for TORA members to volunteer to serve on the council’s Select Committee at

Select Committees are critical to helping SEMA staff direct, guide and lead its efforts. SEMA’s elected leaders work alongside other automotive professionals to identify common challenges and opportunities, create awareness to their industry niche and influence industry progress. The ideal candidate will have strong strategic planning skills, significant aftermarket knowledge, a passion for giving back to the industry, and be willing to serve a minimum of a two-year term.

Learn more about the benefits of volunteering below and in this video.

Community Building: Volunteers build connections among other council and network members. In the past year alone, select committee volunteers have spearheaded and created some of TORA’s most robust events and programs, including but not limited to, in-person and virtual events, the TORA member spotlight, program, education opportunities and more.

Connect with Industry Leaders: When members raise their hand to volunteer, they are connected with industry peers who are passionate about the truck and off-road space. They work together to strategically align initiatives with current member and industry needs, share new ideas and grow their network.

Recognition Opportunities: Volunteers are recognized regularly on SEMA communication channels, such as SEMA eNews, social media and council and network member updates.

If you would like to apply or nominate someone who has the skills and character to influence industry progress, fill out the nomination form by Tuesday, April 20, 2021.