TORA Awards nominations are now open! This is an opportunity for your company or an outstanding person at your company to be recognized during your reception at the SEMA Show for their amazing accomplishments this past year. As a member of TORA, we invite you to submit your nomination today. All you have to do is fill out a quick nomination form.

The recipients of the awards will join an impressive roster of past winners. Take a moment to learn more about the awards criteria, view the past winners and nominate the potential 2018 winners on the SEMA Council and Network Awards Website.


TORA Hall of Fame

The Truck and Off-Road Alliance (TORA) Hall of Fame recognizes and honors outstanding individuals in the light-truck accessory industry whose creativity, dignity, integrity, industriousness and accomplishments, on a national/international basis, have enhanced the stature of and significantly contributed to, the light-truck accessory industry's growth.


  • Candidate’s contributions, in accordance with purpose stated above, must extend beyond the local level and reach throughout the national/international level.
  • The candidate is and/or has been involved in the industry and/or TORA for a minimum of 10 years.
  • The candidate has made significant contributions toward enhancing technology, professionalism, dignity, and/or general stature and growth of the industry.
  • The candidate has acted with a high degree of integrity within the industry
  • The candidate must be at least 40 years of age.

TORA Retailer of the Year
The TORA Retailer of the Year Award has been established to recognize and honor an outstanding light-truck accessory retailer whose creativity, dignity, integrity, industriousness, professionalism and accomplishments have enhanced the stature and annual growth of the industry within the candidate's community.


  • Candidate’s contributions (and/or the candidate’s company’s performance) have had a significant impact on a local level, in accordance with the purpose above.
  • The candidate is currently in the industry, and has been involved in the industry for a minimum of five (5) years.
  • The candidate has acted with a high degree of integrity and professionalism, has demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction, and has contributed to the general stature of the industry.
  • The candidate (where applicable) has demonstrated technical proficiency in retail systems and pursued new marketing/sales opportunities.
  • The candidate’s place of business reflects a professional image.
  • A contribution to SEMA and TORA should be an important consideration for nomination. The nominee must come from a TORA member company in good standing.

The TORA Ron Webster Memorial Award for Engineering Excellence
Ron Webster, president and founder of Guidon Truck Covers, was one of the original members of TCIA, which later became TCAA then TORA.  An engineer by education, he developed many early innovations in the truck cap industry.  He was a mentor to many leaders in the industry, and was posthumously elected into the TCAA/TORA Hall of Fame after his death in a white water river rafting accident in the early nineties. The Ron Webster Memorial Award for Engineering Excellence was created in his honor.

The Ron Webster Memorial Award recognizes a person or people for their engineering achievements of a product in the light-truck accessory industry, achievements that truly embody the words “engineering excellence”.  The award recognizes the creation of a product, process and/or component that demonstrates innovative and original engineering development, and/or advances the state-of-the-art technology of a product in the light-truck accessory industry. This award is not necessarily presented each year, but is bestowed as viable candidates are nominated and selected.


  • The Achievement (product/process/component/advancement) must be new, original and innovative to the light truck accessory industry at the time it was accomplished. Evaluation of the achievement shall include whether or not the engineering achievement was accomplished without overcomplicating the product itself.
  • The achievement may be a recent or historical engineering innovation.
  • The candidate company or individual candidate(s) must be an TORA member company (or employee thereof). Individual candidate(s) must be identified for his/her/their overall engineering achievement.

TORA Influencer of the Year

The ‘Influencer of The Year’ award is an effort to reward the media with for their hard efforts in supporting the truck, jeep, diesel and SUV markets. It’s a thank you to the person who helps TORA members sell products, connect with consumers and cover events that reach new markets.


  • Influential presence in digital, social and print, etc.
  • Focused on truck market and/or emerging markets associated with truck/SUV/off-road
  • Both traditional and non-traditional media included
  • Concentration on aftermarket