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SEMA Joins Treadlightly! for Off-Roading Stewardship at Easter Jeep Safari - Line of Jeeps in the desert just after sunset.


Stewardship is a critical part of the off-roading community, demonstrating how public-private partnerships can forge positive solutions to keep public lands open. However, the industry is up against some tough challenges with some in government and others who simply just want to shut down access to public lands.

Karen Bailey-Chapman, SEMA's Senior Vice President of Public and Government Affairs, represented SEMA at Easter Jeep Safari in March. During the event, she participated in two projects. One of these involved a fence-building project with TreadLightly! and Jason Curry, Utah Director of the Office of Recreation. Bailey-Chapman then had the opportunity go on a trail ride with Curry to Picture Frame Arch. Curry expressed continued support of SEMA's Washington D.C. office for the OHV community and underscored the economic impact that the industry has on the state of Utah.

Person drilling sign to fence post
Several men erecting fencing


Not only did Bailey-Champman have a chance to chat with SEMA members and learn more about their business stories, but she also networked with and learned from multiple passionate off-roaders and the businesses that manufacture the parts to help the industry enjoy this form of recreation.

The SEMA Truck & Off-Road Alliance (TORA) is also working closely with SEMA's Government Affairs department on legislation, projects, and programs affecting the truck and off-road segment of the industry. To learn how you can get involved, email TORA Director Denise Waddingham at