Frequent SEMA Cares Questions Asked & Answered by Melanie White

  1. What is the Childhelp? Who do they support?

I was lucky to attend the pinewood build for Childhelp Virginia village. This Village supports abused and neglected children by being a rehabilitation camp with many forms of therapy. 

  1. You recently visited their location, what did you see?

The Childhelp Village in Virginia is stunning. They have fishing holes, hiking trails, access to a river, horses, garden and so much more. The location is just beautiful, but I think what I noticed even more were the amazing people who work at the camp and support the children who have been through so much. 

  1. Who are the people who made this event happen?

Tom Brooks and the team at Truckin’ Thunder do an amazing job of setting up this event and making it a truly special day. I was so impressed at the level of detail in preparation and how that led to our ability to be so engaged with the kids. Tom and his team make it so special for the kids. There were local race cars and drivers that came out. The kids got to sit in the cars. And they loved it! 

  1. How does this charity impact the industry?

This charity may not have direct impact to our industry, but I can tell you as I drove away my heart was full of gratitude. We are so lucky to be in a position where we can help spread some fun and cheer for these kids who had so much fun racing and decorating pinewood cars. We are so lucky to work in the industry we work in and so lucky to be able to take that and brighten some kids' days. But more importantly is the money we are able to give to the Village to help support all the amazing work they are doing. 

  1. What do events like these do to the long term effects of the children?

There is just so much joy in that room when they are building their cars and racing them. It’s so fun to see that. It’s so cool to be a part of that and so cool to give attention and admiration. Hopefully our interaction gives them a little more confidence in themselves. 

  1. What can member companies do to help this cause?

First of all, you can enter the Industry Cup Challenge or sponsor a pinewood car built by these kids. You can encourage others to purchase and participate as well.

  1. If they want to volunteer, who should they contact?

The SEMA Cares website is a perfect place to raise your hand to volunteer. You can buy your pinewood car there and fill out a form to raise your hand to volunteer.