The SEMA Truck & Off-Road Alliance would like to give a special thank you to TORA Select Committee Members Kristina Coburn and Sherry Kollien for hosting the TORA Happy Hour event at the Detroit 4Fest last month.

Taking place at the Holly Oaks ORV Park in Michigan, the event connected over 30 truck and off-road enthusiasts for a night of networking and discussion of what new projects TORA is working on to support the industry.

“I enjoy these regional networking events as it allows folks in the industry to network in the natural environment we all love to be in - playing in the dirt with off-road vehicles,” said Kollien. “Make sure to keep an eye out for TORA sponsored regional networking events in your area to connect with folks in the industry.”

Those who were unable to attend the in-person event and have questions on how to be more involved can contact Council Liaison, Denise Waddingham, at, or sign up to attend the SEMA360 online event. SEMA360 attendees will be able to discover what’s new in the industry, attend truck and off-road specific educational seminars, view product demonstrations and connect directly with other TORA members and the TORA Select Committee through the TORA manufacturer Showcase page.