Five industry experts gathered during the recent SEMA Show for a rare discussion about the truck and off-road industry, and what they see as some of the aftermarket's best business opportunities.  

TORA Seminar - Candid Conversation With Truck and Off-Road Builders at the SEMA Show

Watch the recording of the seminar "Why Truck and Off Road Builders are Thriving, Powered by TORA" now at Led by Sean Holman of MotorTrend, the seminar features Brad DeBerti, DeBerti; Cris Payne, Truck Guru's; Sara Morosan, LGE-CTS Motorsports; and Nick Psomas, Peak Suspension.

Viewers will hear the panel share what platforms they see having the most opportunity, trends that are on the horizon, their thoughts on the truck and off-road EV landscape, OEs providing a platform open to accessorization and expanding reach through social media.

"If you can see something ahead of its time and then go that direction before somebody else, then you're going to be super successful," said Payne. "You have to pay attention to what people are doing. Consumers are going to tell you and steer you to where you need to go, and they are the ones buying your products so at the end of the day, you really have to pay attention to where that curve is going."

Morosan added: "I always get excited about something that's new that's coming to the market. That's why we're builders, right? We're passionate. We see something and even though they build something that's super rad, we look at it and say, 'How can we make it better?' And when it actually comes to reality, you're like, 'That's super cool.' People get excited about it and it just makes you get more excited about wanting to build more products, build more trucks and go out there."

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