Before launching her own consulting company, “Hey Shannon Quick Question,” Shannon Welch spent nearly a decade as former communications director at ULTRA4 Racing, the company behind King of the Hammers.
During a recent SBN Facebook Live Chat, Welch shared her career journey and inspired SBN members by telling the story of how she first realized her worth, what it meant to the organizations she was a part of, and what she learned by chasing value instead of chasing success.  
Filled with advice relatable to SBN members no matter where they are in their career journey, the Live Chat recording features Welch sharing her insight on:

  • How to figure out “what you want” on the pursuit of finding your value  
  • How to say “no” and the importance of setting healthy boundaries that promote your value
  • How to analyze working for free vs “exposure bucks” for people who are trying to get a foothold in their chosen field
  • Tips for women entering the automotive industry and the importance of finding their “why”

Watch the recording of SBN’s Facebook Live Chat with Shannon Welch here.