SBN continues to host virtual education webinars dedicated to helping members enhance their business and professional development.

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Upcoming Live Webinars:

Performance Reviews for Employees – June 16
Performance reviews are extremely important, but employees play just as much of a role – if not more – in ensuring a successful meeting. During this live webinar, automotive aftermarket professionals will receive tips for a taking part in a successful performance review, including how to prepare and ways to demonstrate professional achievements that will help lead to advancement opportunities.


Available On-Demand Webinars:

How to Unplug
Learn how to turn off work and focus on self-care when workloads become overwhelming to improve your mindset, reduce stress, and leave you better prepared to overcome challenges with calm and clarity. Watch this session to learn how meditation, journaling, breath work, and self-care can help clear your mind and increase focus when you need it the most.

How to Influence Change in the Workplace
Implementing change at a company can be a daunting task when employees are complacent and comfortable doing things the way they have always been done. When a team is resistant to change, growth or improvement can be affected. Watch this session to learn how to develop change, motivate staff to fully support your idea for change, and present it to your team in an appealing manner.

Performance Reviews for Managers
Performance reviews can be effective tools for helping managers build effective teams. While many supervisors dread performance reviews and view then as an unnecessary task, they have the potential to improve productivity, teamwork and company growth. During this session, automotive aftermarket managers will learn to provide their staff with a valuable and productive performance review.

Creating a Work Life Balance
As America's workforce evolves and more employees continue to work remotely, workers are burning out and struggling. Resignations are at an all-time high and employees are seeking better work-life balance. Watch this session to discover how the busiest people avoid burning out and ways to create an environment of calmness in the workplace.

Thriving During Corporate Climate Changes – For C-Suite Executives
Company acquisitions face a lot of uncertainty. C-Suite executives must navigate their newly acquired team through change in order to keep employee morale and productivity high. If your company is acquiring another one, this session will help you prepare for the most common challenges and teach you how to instill confidence and security among employees due to inevitable change.