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Written by: Myriam Guerrero, Tint World

SEMA's Engagement Committee plays a pivotal role in fostering connections and driving success within the automotive aftermarket community. Comprising of industry professionals and enthusiasts, the committee's primary mission is to enhance SEMA's engagement with its members and cultivate an environment of collaboration and innovation.

One of the exciting initiatives the Engagement Committee is gearing up for is the launch of New Member Orientation Zoom Calls in August, followed by quarterly sessions thereafter. These virtual gatherings serve as an invaluable platform for welcoming newcomers to the SEMA family and offering insights into the organization's various activities and opportunities.

During these Zoom calls, SBN committee chairs take center stage to talk about their roles in engaging and supporting new members.
The purpose of these calls is twofold. Firstly, they offer a warm welcome to new members, making them feel embraced by the SEMA community from the outset. Secondly, the engaging discussions led by the SBN committee chairs shed light on the myriad ways newcomers can get involved and get the most out of their SEMA membership.

Through this initiative, the Engagement Committee aims to bolster member participation and ensure that every SEMA member feels connected and valued. By offering a glimpse into the diverse opportunities within SEMA and encouraging active engagement, the committee seeks to enrich the overall experience for both newcomers and long-standing members alike.

With the launch of the New Member Orientation Zoom Calls, in collaboration with the SBN committee, SEMA continues to pave the way for meaningful connections and opportunities within the industry. Whether you're a seasoned member or a newcomer, these Zoom calls promise to be insightful, inspiring and an essential step towards building a brighter future for the automotive aftermarket.