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SBN's mission is to encourage and empower women in the industry, and we understand that it takes both men and women alike to accomplish this.

Watch SBN's three-part Male Ally Webinar Series and learn how men can play an active part in supporting women in the industry. Logging in to your account is required.


Part 1: What Does a Male Ally Look Like?

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Women have been breaking barriers and making significant strides in the traditionally male-dominated automotive aftermarket industry; however, achieving true equality and inclusivity in the field still requires a collective effort from both men and women. Watch this session to learn what a male ally is, why it's important, how it's accomplished and key characteristics that could be helpful when encountering a situation that requires a male ally.

Speakers: Wade Kawasaki, Tara Thompson (Dixie 4 Wheel Drive), Frank Vasquez (K&N Suspensions), Rachel Speir (RS Marqueting)


Part 2: Real Life Scenarios: Examples of Male Ally Support

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Establishing an organization in which women are supported by their male counterparts fosters innovation and success. Watch this session to hear from industry leaders as they share real-life scenarios for how men can further support women in their roles.

Speakers: Justin Perret (Oracle Lighting), Mark Taylor (Kam Marketing), Randall Speir (a Senior Business Leader)


Part 3: Looking to the Future
Upcoming event on September 19 at 12:00 p.m. PDT

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During the final session of the SBN Male Ally Webinar Series, participants will learn actionable ideas for applying a male ally program into their organization. Join industry leaders as they share tips for starting a male ally program at work, how to measure its success and how to ensure male ally efforts are sustained in the company culture.

Speakers: Rachel Speir (RS Marqueting), Seth Metzger (Dana Incorporated), Matt Reasoner (Truck Hero), Dana Wilke (Jessi Combs Foundation)