SBN - Gear Up Girl - Member Update

The SBN hosted the first-ever Gear-Up-Girl event at the recent PRI Show.

While the gathering is a staple of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, this was the first time the event took place at the PRI Show in Indianapolis. SBN was excited to be able to expand and connect more women and female students across the country.

"Assisting female students in identifying their interests and how they connect with specific careers in motorsports was truly a highlight of the event," said Cathy Clark, SBN Chair. "For SBN members at the PRI Show, it was a fantastic networking opportunity where they shared advice with today's female youth, and helped young females gain a broad understanding of opportunities in the motorsports industry."

Over the years, Gear-Up Girl has grown from a small reception to a jam-packed event with upwards of over 100 automotive professionals and students in attendance. Gear-Up Girl will return to PRI Show in 2022 to help young women strengthen their network of motorsports mentors and peers.